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 Northland Advertising LLC provides a local information network under the branded name Localzz. Also known as the local advertising network.
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Local Directory, Classifieds, Employment, Events, Real Estate and Vehicles
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1500+ sites networked to together to provide local information
The Local Information Network™ -
Local Information Network™ -
The Local Directory Network™ -
The Local Listing Network™ -
Local Listing Network™ -
1500+ specialty or branded sites that are networked together and working together to create a local information ecosystem
Localzz owns and operates our own 1500+ branded sites and destinations for local information, directories, and listings
Some digital services provided by Digitalizze™ and Digitalizze Media
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 Welcome to LocalZZ Media

        Localzzฎ, Localzzฎ Media, and Northland Advertising LLC, an advertising, marketing, information branding, and technology company, provide an extremely diverse combination of over 1400+ branded directories, sites, portals, and marketplaces. Localzz Media has built this for consumers, B for B, advertisers, and other future projects or ventures.  We have secured many internet properties for future branded destination sites yet to be fully developed.

The vision is to create a destination network know as The Local Information Network™. Our main focus is to provide global to local search and browse local information network. This network will provide information on businesses, products, services, and much more initially in the United States. Localzz also operates many branded digital deals, coupons, and other incentive directories or marketplaces, which include some sites like,,,,,, and many more.  

The company operates in several different segments for local information with our 1400+ branded local information network through search, browse, deals, coupons, specialty directories, niche sites, mobile information, and much more. Our local information network comprises of 1400+ destination Owned and Operated Network (O & O) sites.  Our O & O network operates under the main portal Localzz. Our branded O & O operates under multiple brands including MyLocalzz, Northlandzz, Northwoodzz, InformationCEO, InformationCFO, and many more. Our network is designed to be simple in design and structure, then spread out quickly to the rest of our O & O network.  

Our mission is to provide local information that is easy to find global to local information. Also, to provide affordable information postings and listings through directory listings, display advertisements, text ads, and display advertising. Our networked branded O & O internet properties may utilize hosting by Localzz, hosting by others, and utilize a variety of owned or vendor supplied platforms. Our vision has almost unlimited future potential with our massive O & O network and our passion for keeping our network simple to navigate.  Also, it has to be easy for advertisers to place information throughout our local information network. Localzz Media will be looking for strategic partnerships or other relationships that bring value to Localzz and our network visitors.


More about the Localzz, Localzz Media, and Northland Advertising LLC


Localzz™, Localzz™ Media, and Northland Advertising LLC is a company with a network of over 1000+ owned and operated local information providing websites. We are "The Local Information Network™!

Localzz™ owns a combination of 1000+ Consumer Directories™, Topic Directories™, and B for B Directories™. These 1000+ owned and operated sites provide a wide variety of local information.


Display Advertisements - Localzz provides many forms of display advertisements - banner, website name, and text display advertisements.


Consumer Start™ - The starting point for Consumers. Visit


Consumer Directories™ are directories providing consumer information. Topic Directories™ are topic directory sites that provide local topic information and may be less consumer focused information. These sites might even focus more on business to business information  informational.


Consumer Locals™ are consumer sites providing local  consumer information. Topic Locals™ are topic sites that provide local topic information and may be less consumer focused information. These sites might even focus more on business to business information.


B for B Directories™ are Business for Business sites providing local business information.  B For B Locals™ are Business for Business sites that provide local business information.


Localzz Media's main focus is on Local Virtual Marketing™(internet, online, and digital marketing). Also known as Local V Marketing™. Also, Local Virtual Advertising™(internet, online, and digital advertising). Also known as Local V Advertising™


Localzz™ Media is an internet advertising and marketing company focusing on providing local information on a variety of specialty topics for local people. We connect local people with local information. Thus, our name Localzz™ fits us perfectly. Our sites are designed in a simple and structured way. Our goal is to make local information easy to find and post. 



We are utilizing a strategy called Browse Advertising™ and Browse Marketing™.


This 1000+ site local information network is separated into themed divisions know as MyLocalzz™, Northlandzz™,  InformationCEO™ InformationCFO™, and other smaller divisions. Localzz™ has created this network to provide numerous listing and posting options for local information.
Our market is most local information. 
Not just business listings or deals. Our vast network of 1000+ inter-connected sites provides us with a massive competitive advantage over other advertising or marketing options. Many of our internet properties utilize a trademarked name for brand or site recognition. 
Localzz™ Media is like 1000+ internet businesses all under one roof.  This allows us to contain overhead and business expenses. Most of our sites provide a listing, posting, or display ad for up to 365 days depending on the information or topic. The majority or our sites are manually placed static pages. An advertising customer’s information will be at the same directory location for up to 365 days. The minority of our sites will use a variety of hosted directory, classified, or web-based applications that allow publishers to self-post listings or postings up to 365 days.


We plan to be the destination information network or “The Local Information Network™”. The company is known as Northland Advertising LLC. Localzz™ or Localzz™ Media is headquartered in Minnesota (regionally known as the “Northwoods” or “Northland”).  Localzz™ is privately owned and operated. You can follow us currently on Localzz Blog and Northland Blog.


Localzz™ provides an easy path or structure for finding local information on the internet. We have numerous options for advertising and marketing local information.
Some of our revenue is generated from listings, postings, display ads (banner, text ads, and website names or links:


Individual Ads - visit each of our sites ( for individual internet site/property advertising pricing. Ads range from $25 promotional prices to $499 for up to 365 day advertisements.



Advertising memberships (Platinum Ad Member™, Gold Ad Member™, Silver Ad Member™, and Bronze Ad Member™), affiliate programs, and other ad programs.  


 Localzz Affiliate Named Sites


 Localzz Latest and Launching


 Localzz Company and Blog Sites
 Localzz - LocalZZ Portal Site
Localzz Media - LocalZZ Company Site
Localzz Blog - Local Blog and Updates
Northland Blog - Northland Blog and Updates


 Localzz Moblie


 Localzz Major Divisions


 Localzz Featured Sites


 Localzz Search Sites


 Localzz by Regions


 Northlandzz by Regions
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 More Localzz Local Information
  Locals Linked - Local directory for people and social
  24-7 - Local guides and directories 24-7
  101s - Local 101 or easy to navigate directories
  360s  - Local general or Niche directories
  365s - Local general or Niche directories
  BtoBs - 30+ Local Business to Business Sites
  Categories - Local categories
  For Sales - 30+ For Sale or  specialty classifieds
  HQs - Local general or niche directories
  Misc - 25+ Local Specialty directories
  Hot Topics - Local Hot Topics
  Latest - Local Latest Information
     Online and Local - Local Directory of online businesses
  Misc - 25+ Local Specialty directories
      Miscellaneous - 25+ Local Specialty directories
  Most Popular - Local Most Popular
  Quick Links - Local Quick Links
      Storefronts - Local Storefronts
  Top Stories - Local Top Stories
  Trending Now - Local Trending Now

 Advertising Packages - Suggested and Placed by Localzz
Platinum Package - Localzz™ Platinum Advertiser™ 20+ Featured Category Display Ads on the Localzz Media Network (+1 display ad on Localzz™ and Platinum Advertiser™) $500 (regular price $10,000)
Gold Package- Localzz™ Gold Advertiser™
15+ Featured Category Display Ads on the Localzz Media Network (+1 display ad on Localzz™ and Gold Advertiser™)  $375 (regular price $7,500)
Silver Package - Localzz™ Silver Advertiser™
10+ Featured Category Display Ads on the Localzz Media Network (+1 display ad on Localzz™ and Silver Advertiser™) $250 (regular price $5,000)
Bronze Package- Localzz™ Bronze Advertiser™
5+ Featured Category Display Ads on the Localzz Media Network (+1 display ad on Localzz™ and Bronze Advertiser™) $100 (regular price $1,000)


Localzz Memberships - Suggested and Placed by Localzz
Platinum Member - Localzz™ Platinum Ad Member™
20+ Featured Category Display Ads on the Localzz Media Network (+1 display ad on Localzz™ and Platinum Ad Member™) $500 (regular price $10,000)
Gold Member- Localzz™ Gold Ad Member™
15+ Featured Category Display Ads on the Localzz Media Network (+1 display ad on Localzz™ and Gold Ad Member™)  $375 (regular price $7,500)
Silver Member - Localzz™ Silver Ad Member™
10+ Featured Category Display Ads on the Localzz Media Network (+1 display ad on Localzz™ and Silver  Ad Member™) $250 (regular price $5,000)
Bronze Member- Localzz™ Bronze Ad Member™
5+ Featured Category Display Ads on the Localzz Media Network (+1 display ad on Localzz™ and Bronze Ad Member™)   $100 (regular price $1,000)


Localzz Main Sites
Consumer Start™  200+ Local Specialty Sites
   AdvertiserZZ™ - Local Advertisers and Advertising postings and listings
  ActivitieZZ™  - Local Activity postings and listings
  AdvisorZZ™ - Local Advisor postings and listings
  AffiliateZZ™ - Local Affiliate postings and listings
  AgentZZ™ - Local Agent postings and listings
  AnswerZZ™- Local Answers Search
  AntiqueZZ™ - Local Antique postings and listings
  ApartmentZZ™ - Local Apartment postings and listings
  ApplianceZZ™ - Local Appliance postings and listings
  AttoneyZZ™ - Local Attorney postings and listings
  ATVZZ™ - Local ATV postings and listings
  Auto PartZZ™ - Local Auto Parts postings and listings
  Auto ServiceZZ™ - Local Auto Service postings and listings
    BarterZZ™ - Local Barter postings and listings
  Best PriceZZ™ - Local Best Price postings and listings
  Best QualitieZZ™ - Local Best Quality postings and listings
  BidderZZ™ - Local Auctions and Bidding postings and listings
  BikeZZ™ - Local Bikes postings and listings
  BirthdayZZ™ - Local Birthday postings and listings
  BrakeZZ™ - Local Brake postings and listings
  BreakfastZZ™ - Local  Breakfast postings and listings
  BtoBZZ™ - Local Business to Business postings and listings
  BusinesseZZ™ - Local Businesses postings and listings
  Business AdZZ™ - Local Business Ads postings and listings
  Business GuideZZ™- Local Business Guide postings and listings
  Business ListingZZ™- Local Business Listing postings and listings
  CalendarZZ™- Local Calendar postings and listings
  CamperZZ™- Local Camper postings and listings
  Car DealerZZ™- Local Car Dealer postings and listings
  CareerZZ™- Local Career postings and listings
  Career ListingZZ™- Local Career postings and listings
  CharitieZZ™- Local Charity postings and listings
    ChildCareZZ™- Local Child Care postings and listings
  ChildrenZZ™- Local Children related postings and listings
    CircularZZ™- Local Circular postings and listings
    City DirectorieZZ™- Local City Directory postings and listings
  City GuideZZ™- Local City Guide postings and listings
  ClassicZZ™- Local Classic postings and listings
  Classified AdZZ™- Local Classified Ad postings and listings
  ClassmateZZ™- Local Classmate postings and listings
  CleanerZZ™ - Local Cleaner postings and listings
  ClearanceZZ™ - Local Clearance postings and listings
  ClotheZZ™ - Local Clothing postings and listings
  Clothing SaleZZ™ - Local Clothing Sale postings and listings
  CollectibleZZ™ - Local Collectible postings and listings
  CollegeZZ™ - Local College Related postings and listings
  Commercial SpaceZZ™ - Local Commercial Space postings and listings
  ConsumerZZ™ - Local Consumer postings and listings
  ContactZZ™ - Local Contact postings and listings
  ContractorZZ™ - Local Contractor postings and listings
  CountieZZ™ - Local County postings and listings
  County DirectorieZZ™ - Local County Directory postings and listings
  County GuideZZ™ - Local County Guide postings and listings
  *CouponZZ™  - Local Coupon postings and listings
  CraftZZ™ - Local Craft postings and listings
  CraftSaleZZ™ - Local Craft Sale postings and listings
  Daily SaleZZ™ - Local Daily Sale postings and listings
  DaycareZZ™ - Local Daycare postings and listings
  Days DealZZ™ - Local Days Deal postings and listings
  Daily SaleZZ™ - Local Daily Sale postings and listings
  Day SaleZZ™ - Local Day Sale postings and listings
  DealofDayZZ™ - Local Deal of Day postings and listings
  DeliveryZZ™ - Local Delivery postings and listings
  DepartmentZZ™ - Local Department postings and listings
  DinnerZZ™ - Local Dinner postings and listings
  DirectorieZZ™ - Local Directory postings and listings
  DiscountZZ™ - Local Directory postings and listings
  Drink SpecialZZ™ - Local Drink Special postings and listings
  DonationZZ™ - Local Donation postings and listings
  ElectronicZZ™ - Local Electronic postings and listings
  EmployerZZ™ - Local Employer postings and listings
  EmploymentZZ™ - Local Employment postings and listings
  Estate SaleZZ™ - Local Estate Sale postings and listings
  EstimateZZ™ - Local Estimate postings and listings
  Event TicketZZ™ - Local Event Ticket postings and listings
  ExploreZZ™ - Local Vacation, Travel, and Visitor Search
  FaceZZ™ - Local Faces postings and listings
  FavoriteZZ™ - Local Favorites postings and listings
  FeatureZZ™ - Local Features postings and listings
  FinanceZZ™ - Local Finance postings and listings
  FinancialZZ™ - Local Financial postings and listings
  FlightZZ™ - Local Flights postings and listings
  FundraiserZZ™ - Local Fundraiser postings and listings
  Free FSBOZZ™ - Local Free For Sale By Owners postings and listings
  FrugalZZ™ - Local Frugal postings and listings
  FSBO AdZZ™ - Local For Sale By Owner Ads postings and listings
  FSBOZZ™ - Local For Sale By Owner postings and listings
  FurnishingZZ™ - Local Furnishing postings and listings
    GallerieZZ™ - Local Picture Gallary postings and listings
  Garage SaleZZ™ - Local Garage Sale postings and listings
  GiftZZ™ - Local Gift postings and listings
  GovernmentZZ™ - Local Government Information postings and listings
  GuideZZ™ - Local Guide postings and listings
  HappeningZZ™ - Local Happening postings and listings
  Happy HourZZ™ - Local Happy Hour postings and listings
  HeadlineZZ™ - Local Headline postings and listings
    HobbieZZ™ - Local Hobbie postings and listings
  HouseholdZZ™ - Local Household postings and listings
  IncentiveZZ™ - Local Incentive, Coupon, Deal postings and listings
    InstantZZ™ - Local Instant Deal postings and listings
  InstrumentZZ™ - Local Instrument postings and listings
  IntershipZZ™ - Local Internship postings and listings
  InviteZZ™ - Local Invite postings and listings
  ItemZZ™ - Local Item postings and listings
  Job ListingZZ™ - Local Job Listings
  Job OpeningZZ™ - Local Job Openings
  LeaderZZ™ - Local Leader postings and listings
  LegalZZ™ - Local Legal postings and listings
  LessonZZ™ - Local Lesson postings and listings
  LiquidationZZ™ - Local Liquidation postings and listings
  ListingZZ™ - Local Real Estate and other listings
  LocalZZ™ - Local Portal
  LunchZZ™ - Local Lunch postings and listings
  MarketerZZ™ - Local Marketer postings and listings
  MarketplaceZZ™  - Local Marketplace postings and listings
  MatcheZZ™ - Local Match, Dating, Single postings and listings
  MaterialZZ™ - Local Material postings and listings
  MilestoneZZ™ - Local Milestone postings and listings
  MobileAppZZ™ - Local Mobile App postings and listings
  MomentZZ™ - Local Moment Information postings and listings
  MotorcycleZZ™ - Local Motorcycle postings and listings
  MotorSportZZ™ - Local Motorsport postings and listings
  MovingSaleZZ™ - Local Moving Sale postings and listings
  New CarZZ™ - Local New Car postings and listings
  NewsletterZZ™ - Local Newsletter postings and listings
  New SUVZZ™ - Local New SUV postings and listings
  New TruckZZ™ - Local New Trucks postings and listings
  New VanZZ™ - Local New Vans postings and listings
  Nichezz™ - Local Niche or Specialty postings and listings
  NightZZ™ - Local Hotel, Lodging, Resorts postings and listings
  NonProfitZZ™ - Local Nonprofits postings and listings
  NorthlandZZ™ - The Northland Portal
  NorthwoodZZ™ - The Northwoods Portal
  NoticeZZ™ - Local Notice postings and listings
  ObituarieZZ™ - Local Obituaries postings and listings
  Office SpaceZZ™ - Local Office Space postings and listings
  Oil ChangeZZ™ - Local Oil Changes postings and listings
  OpeningZZ™ - Local Job Openings postings and listings
  OpinionZZ™ - Local Opinions postings and listings
  OpportuniteZZ™ - Local Opportunity postings and listings
  OrganicZZ™ - Local Organic postings and listings
  OvernightZZ™ - Local Overnight stays and Hotels postings and listings
  OverstockZZ™ - Local Overstock postings and listings
  ParcelZZ™ - Local Parcel or Land postings and listings
  PersonalZZ™ - Local Personal postings and listings
    PopularZZ™ - Local Popular information postings and listings
  PostingZZ™ - Local Misc postings and listings
  PreDrivenZZ™ - Local Predriven postings and listings
  PriceZZ™ - Local Price postings and listings
  ProductZZ™ - Local Product postings and listings
  ProfessionalZZ™ - Local Professional postings and listings
  PropertieZZ™ - Local Property postings and listings
  QualitieZZ™ - Local Quality Product postings and listings
  QuestionZZ™ - Local Question Searches
  QuoteZZ™ - Local Quote postings and listings
   RatingZZ™ - Local Rating postings and listings
  Real EstateZZ™ - Local Real Estate postings and listings
  RecommendationZZ™ - Local Recommendation postings and listings
  RegionZZ™ - Local Region postings and listings
  RelationshipZZ™ - Local Relationship postings and listings
  RemoverZZ™ - Local Removal postings and listings
  RentalZZ™ - Local Rental postings and listings
  RepairZZ™ - Local Repair postings and listings
    ReservationZZ™ - Local Hotel and Reservation postings and listings
  RestaurantZZ™ - Local Restaurant postings and listings
  ResumeZZ™ - Local Resume postings and listings
  ResortZZ™ - Local Resort postings and listings
  RetailerZZ™ - Local Retailer postings and listings
  RouteZZ™ - Local Route postings and listings
  SaleAdZZ™ - Local Sale Ad postings and listings
  *SavingZZ™ - Local Saving postings and listings
  ScheduleZZ™ - Local Schedule postings and listings
    ScrapbookZZ™ - Local Scrapbook postings and listings
  SearcheZZ™ - Local Searches
    SeniorZZ™ - Local Senior postings and listings
  ServiceZZ™ - Local Service postings and listings
  ShopperZZ™ - Local Shopper postings and listings
  SmartPhoneZZ™ - Local Smartphone postings and listings
  SpaceZZ™ - Local Office or other Rental postings and listings
  SpecialtieZZ™ - Local postings and listings
  SpecialZZ™ - Local Special postings and listings
  Sporting GoodZZ™ - Local Sporting Good postings and listings
  StartZZ™ - Local Start Search
  StateZZ™ - Local State information postings and listings
  StorefrontZZ™ - Local Storefront postings and listings
  StudentZZ™ - Local Student postings and listings
  SupplieZZ™ - Local Supply postings and listings
    TechnologieZZ™ - Local Technology postings and listings
  TextbookZZ™ - Local Textbook postings and listings
  ThoughtZZ™ - Local Thought postings and listings
  TireZZ™ - Local Tire postings and listings
  Top StorieZZ™ - Local Top Story postings and listings
  TrainerZZ™ - Local Trainer postings and listings
  TravelSpecialZZ™ - Local Travel Special postings and listings
  Used BoatZZ™ - Local Used Boat postings and listings
  Used CamperZZ™ - Local Used Camper postings and listings
  Used CarZZ™ - Local Used Car postings and listings
  Used SaleZZ™ - Local Used Sale postings and listings
  Used SUVZZ™ - Local Used SUV postings and listings
  Used TruckZZ™ - Local Used Truck postings and listings
  Used VanZZ™ - Local Used Van postings and listings
  VacationZZ™ - Local Vacation postings and listings
  Vacation RentalZZ™ - Local Vacation Rental postings and listings
  VehicleZZ™ - Local Vehicle postings and listings
  VisitorZZ™ - Local Visitor postings and listings
  VolunteerZZ™ - Local Volunteer postings and listings
  WaterfrontZZ™ - Local Waterfront postings and listings
  Weekly AdZZ™ - Local Weekly Ad postings and listings
  Weekly SaleZZ™ - Local Weekly Sale postings and listings
    WellnesseZZ™ - Local Wellness and Health postings and listings
  YardSaleZZ™ - Local Yard Sale postings and listings
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